Simon McCormack


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'Questions of authenticity:
brickwork and 'found' space'

Simon McCormack & Andrew Peckham
arq architectural research quarterly - volume15, number 2, 2011

A review of Caruso St John Architects' much-lauded Brick House casts a critical eye on the ambivalent relationship between construction and domesticity which is intrinsic to its identity

'Inside out: observations on Terragni'

arq architectural research quarterly - volume14, number 2, 2010

A practioner re-evalues the critical commentary on the Casa Rustic in Milan following a week long stay in the sometimes overlooked Rationalist work

Chelmsford Museum

AJ Specification - 11.10, pp30-34

arq front cover

Malling Abbey

Church Building - Issue 120, November/December 2009, pp31-35

Brick Bulletin - Winter 2009, p9

Lluoghi dell'Infinito - No 36, Anno XIV, Gennaio 2010, pp12-24
'Monasteri d'autore: da le Corbusier a Pawson'

arq front cover

All Saints' Church, Dulwich

The Architects' Journal - 07.06.07, pp24-37
The building still bears the scars of the blaze and these have become part of its history - Critique by Kenneth Powell

Church Building - Issue 88, July/August 2004, pp52-53

Sustainable Design

Installation of Photovoltaic Panels at St Silas Church - Case Study

The Magazine of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
Volume 31, Number 2, 2010, pp51-53

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